How to Upload and Download CSV Files With AngularJS

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This post will show you how to upload CSV files data to AngularJS, read the data, and then convert it to JSON for processing. Then, you’ll see how to do the whole thing in reverse and download a CSV data dump from AngularJS.

CSV files are preferred because of their simplicity. They are also widely supported by many types of programs and provide a straightforward way to represent spreadsheet data.


Before you get started with this tutorial, make sure you have Node.js installed on your computer. If you don’t have it yet, head over to the official website and install it.

You should also have a basic understanding of the following technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

If you already have Node.js have installed, check if you have the latest versions of Node and NPM.

node -v
npm -v

CSV Modules in Angular

There are several ways of manipulating CSV in Angular, and they include:

  • Papa Parse: Papa Parse is a powerful CSV parser which is capable of parsing CSV strings in small and big files as well as converting back to JSON. We will be using this library in this tutorial.
  • Read full tutorial at code.tutsplus