How to Use Animation in Angular 6

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the importance of animations in improving the user experience. I’ll show you how to incorporate animations in Angular 6 applications with the help of animation components and Bootstrap.

The Role of Animations in User Design

Most web users are visual creatures and therefore respond to visual objects. This means that as a designer, you have to find a way to incorporate animations in your designs. 

Animation can prove to be a useful tool when it comes to user interaction with your website or app. However, this doesn’t mean that when you use animation, users will be attracted to your site. You have to strike a balance with the number of animations used at a particular place and time. 

Let’s look at some scenarios in which animation can prove useful in user design.

  • Providing Feedback: Animation can be used to acknowledge that a particular action has been received by the system. For example, when a user enters the wrong information, you can use the shake animation to let them know they need to enter their credentials again.
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